Can I transfer my package/wristbands to someone?

Can I transfer my package/wristbands to someone?

Yes, you can transfer your reservation to someone else!

The Transfer process goes as follows:
  1. The reservation holder must initiate the transfer by CLICKING THIS LINK, or the link in the call out box below.
  2. Our agents will generate an email to both parties indicating all of the items in the reservation so that all parties are clear on the package contents. 
  3. The transfer recipient's email will contain detailed instructions on how to proceed. They can terminate the transfer from this email, or if they agree to continue they must create a new Bender reservation account or update an existing account to include their current address and a valid credit card. 
  4. Once the recipient's account is in good order, they will click a link in the email to confirm the transfer.
  5. Our agents will bill the indicated party for the transfer fee, process the transfer on the back end, and issue confirmation emails once the transfer is complete.
Reservation holders, the recipient should pay you before you initiate your transfer! Ensure you have been paid, and there is no outstanding balance on your reservation before you begin.

Before you begin some important notes:
  1. A reservation must be paid in full before it can be transferred.
  2. There is a transfer fee of $225 until August 23, 2024.
  3. The exact transfer fee amount will be visible once you click the "Begin Transfer" link below.
  4. The transfer fee can be paid by the reservation holder or the transfer recipient. Come to an agreement on who will pay the transfer fee before you begin. 
  5. We cannot accept any transfers after August 23, 2024.
  6. Transfer Reinstatement Fee is $25.00.
  7. If the transfer recipient has been to a past Bender, be sure to give the reservation holder the email address associated with your account.
  8. Whether the reservation holder is selling or gifting the reservation to the transfer recipient, the Bender plays no part in the private transaction between parties. We will not act as middleman to any transactions, nor take sides in the event of a dispute. Once you begin the transfer process, we will assume all such matters to be settled.

The Bender Jamboree is not a party to your transaction. All funds shall come from the recipient and paid to the reservation holder via any payment method of your mutual choosing. The Bender Jamboree does not facilitate these transactions nor issue any funds. We only update your records after the fact, and charge a fee to whichever party claims responsibility for it.  

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