Bender Jamboree Guest A/V & Photo Policy

Bender Jamboree Guest A/V & Photo Policy

This policy governs the usage of photo, video, and audio recording devices at the Bender Jamboree. If any artist wishes to institute a more restrictive policy, we will communicate this via posted signage at venue entrances and that policy shall supersede what is set forth here. 

The purpose of these policies is to respect and protect the likeness of our artist community in a manner consistent with their wishes and in accordance with our obligations to them. Your cooperation with us in this regard should be considered an extension of your respect for the artists.


Guests of the Bender Jamboree may capture photo, video, and audio during live performances for non-commercial personal use except when prohibited by the artist.


Guests of the Bender Jamboree are NOT permitted to broadcast, narrowcast, nor live stream by any means whatsoever (including, without limitation, by way of mobile telephone, modem, or other wireless devices) any images, sounds, data, results, or commentary of or concerning any event without the prior written consent of Bender Presents.


Guests of the Bender Jamboree may use "point-and-shoot" style cameras, disposable or instant cameras, smartphones, or similar devices that would be considered "consumer grade."  As a general rule, if your device does not have a detachable lens it will be fine. 


Professional cameras, including SLR/DSLR or cameras with detachable lenses and smartphone lens enhancements, will NOT be allowed without the proper approved media credentials. 


Photographers must be on editorial assignment with an outlet that publishes music, entertainment, event, and/or cultural coverage. Freelance photography, Spec photography, portfolio photography, personal website photography, photography websites, photographers and/or videographers looking to build a portfolio will NOT be credentialed. You must be on assignment.

 Media credentials MUST be approved in advance. All requests must be submitted no less than 60 days prior to the event date to be considered.

To request a Media / Press Credential, SUBMIT YOUR REQUEST HERE.

Be aware that your submission DOES NOT guarantee approval. We reserve the right to partially approve or fully deny any press requests. 

Event attendees consent to the use of their image, likeness, action, and statement with any recorded form of media including, without limit, audio, photograph, or video.

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