What payment types do you accept?

What payment types do you accept?

Our online reservation system accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

You may also purchase your package via check, but sales by check will not occur within the first 30 days of on sale. If you wish to pay by check, you may do so by submitting a support ticket and an agent will assist you in your booking process.

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    • Do you offer a payment plan?

      Yes, we offer a payment plan! The dates and terms for the 2024 Bender Jamboree payment plan are listed below. Payment Plan Fees The fee to use the payment plan is 5% of your reservation total. If you're splitting payment, each party will pay 5% of ...
    • How do I make a payment?

      To make a payment login to your account and click the Make Payment button on the active reservation. Click HERE to get started
    • Can my roommate and I split payments and use separate credit cards?

      Yes! When booking your package, you can elect to split payment with your roommate. The best practice is for the person making the reservation to be in possession of both guest's credit cards and enter the information at time of booking. ...
    • Can my band come play the event?

      Thanks for your inquiry. We do not accept unsolicited artist materials.
    • Can I transfer my package/wristbands to someone?

      Yes, you can transfer your reservation to someone else! The Transfer process goes as follows: The reservation holder must initiate the transfer by CLICKING THIS LINK, or the link in the call out box below. Our agents will generate an email to both ...