New to the Bender? Start Here!

New to the Bender? Start Here!

Welcome to the Bender Jamboree! If you're a first timer, and the Bender Jamboree options seem a little confusing or overwhelming, you've come to the right place. This article will break down the basics you will need to book your Bender.

What is The Bender Jamboree? 

The Bender Jamboree is a 4-Day music festival that occurs within the footprint of a Las Vegas Resort & Casino. The event runs from a Thursday to a Sunday, with the first official set beginning late afternoon / early evening on Thursday, and the final note of music in the wee hours of Monday morning. 

The hallmark of the Bender Jamboree experience is our intimate crowd size and convenient surroundings. When you book a Bender package you'll understand why our motto is, "Everything, An Elevator Ride Away!® 

The 2024 Installment of the Bender Jamboree will be held at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, September 12-15, 2024.

Who is Playing?

The Bender Jamboree features the world's finest musicians performing on multiple stages, indoor and outdoor.  We call it a "Bender" for a reason!

What are my ticketing options?

All available ticketing options can be found at  


The Bender Jamboree is primarily sold as a "package" combining access to all of the entertainment with a hotel room for four (4) nights.

Nevada Resident 4-Day Music Only Wristband

Not available every year.* We think it is safer and more fun to buy a package and stick with the party the whole time, but if you live in Nevada, you may also purchase a 4-Day Music Only Wristband. This grants you general admission access to all the festivities, but without a hotel room included. 
  1. * A limited amount of Nevada Resident 4-Day Music Only Wristbands WILL be available for the 2024 Bender Jamboree. 

Single Day Passes

Not available in 2024.* If you can only make it for a few days, you have the choice to purchase a single day pass that will grant you general admission access to all of the festivities for a single day. Hotel rooms are not included in single day passes.

There are a lot of package options. Which is right for me?

We appreciate that our options can seem overwhelming at first, but our goal is to provide each guest the opportunity to maximize their experience according to their own desires. We have made the following video to guide you through the site and explain in detail the options you will find:

I've found a package I like. What do I do now?  
The first step in booking your Bender is to create a Bender Reservation account. This video will guide you through the process:

My Bender Reservation Account is created, how do I book?  

This video will walk you through booking a Bender package: 

Where can I find more answers for my questions? 


You are currently in the Bender Jamboree Help Center. You can come back here at any time by typing in your browser. You can also reach the Help Center by clicking the "FAQ" link in the menu at


You may have noticed this symbol in the lower right hand corner of your screen:

Click on this symbol to access our Quick Help Widget. There are three tabs along the bottom of this widget:
  1. CHAT : Chat with our JamBot and receive quick answers to simple inquiries.
  2. FAQ : Browse Help Center Articles
  3. SUBMIT TICKET: Use this form to make a support request. 


One of the quickest ways to get answers is to reach out to our dedicated community of Benderheads. Our Facebook group, Bender Jamboree Family is full of friendly Bender experts, and they're always willing to field questions.


Team Bender is always ready to help! You can submit a ticket using the "Quick Help" widget, or by clicking the "Submit A Ticket" link which can be found at the bottom of every help center article. 

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    • When does the music start?

      The official "first show" of the Bender usually occurs around 4 pm PST on Thursday, the first day of the event. The last show ends around 3 am PST on the following Monday.
    • I don't have a roommate. Can I attend the Bender Jamboree as a solo guest?

      Absolutely! All packages are available as a single occupancy package for individuals traveling solo. For availability, check out our available SINGLES PACKAGES. Finally, you may want to consider joining the Bender Jamboree Family to chat with other ...
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