Do we have to wear our wristbands for the entire event?

Do we have to wear our wristbands for the entire event?

Wristbands MUST be worn at ALL TIMES!

Shower in them, swim in them, sleep in them. They are designed to be on your wrist the entire time without discomfort. Do not remove, stretch, or tamper with your wristband in any way. 

If your wristband has become painfully tight, please visit bender support or a member of our safety team and they will assist you in removing and/or replacing your wristband free of charge.

Wristbands will not be replaced if lost or stolen. Wristbands that need to be replaced will be charged full price (subject to availability).

Sharing wristbands or other deliberate tampering with the intent of fraudulent entry is a criminal offense and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

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    • Will we receive our wristbands in the mail?

      We do NOT send out wristbands. Your actual “ticket” will be a wristband that will be available during the event at Bender Support / Event Check In starting the Wednesday prior to the event. Each person attending the Bender Jamboree must present ...
    • What does the All You Can Drink wristband include?

      Lets face it, drinks in Vegas are pricer than in most US cities. You will easily pay $20 per cocktail on the strip! We work with our host property to keep drinks more affordable, but the fact remains our drink prices are likely higher that what you ...
    • Can someone else pick up my wristband at check in?

      You cannot pick up someone else's wristband at check in, and you cannot send someone else to pick up yours. Each person attending the Bender Jamboree must present themselves in person at Event Check in, present a government issued photo ID, and have ...
    • Can I book a room directly from the Hotel then just buy a Nevada Resident 4-Day Music Only Wristband?

      You MAY NOT purchase a room directly from our host property and also attend the Bender Jamboree. We offer a limited number of Nevada Resident 4-Day Music Only Wristbands to accommodate those persons who live in Nevada, own a timeshare or vacation ...
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      First and foremost, the Unlimited Premium Beverage Wristband is built into your baller upgrade. Just show your wristband and let the good times pour! Lunch and Dinner is on us! Ballers receive a meal voucher for dinner Thursday, then lunch and dinner ...