Can I defer my package to next year?

Can I defer my package to next year?

We do not allow packages to be deferred to future Benders. Here is why: 

We sell packages for many months, and then use that money to produce the event you paid for. Our event requires everyone's money to be pooled together to make the show happen. That's why we have a no refunds policy. We can not allow for an unknown number of package sales to be subtracted out at the last minute and still have a functional operating budget. This is obviously because our expenses can not be subtracted out at the last minute either. We can not "un-pay" staff, nor send an artist home without pay.

Each Bender is its own financial entity. You bought a package to THIS iteration of the Bender and those funds have been spent to produce THIS iteration of the Bender. Next year's Bender will require next years revenue to produce. There's no such thing as "rolling your money to next year" as it's already spent. Requesting that we "defer your package to next year" is asking us to give you a free ticket to next year. 

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