Can I book a room directly from the Hotel then just buy a Nevada Resident 4-Day Music Only Wristband?

Can I book a room directly from the Hotel then just buy a Nevada Resident 4-Day Music Only Wristband?

You MAY NOT purchase a room directly from our host property and also attend the Bender Jamboree. 

We offer a limited number of Nevada Resident 4-Day Music Only Wristbands to accommodate those persons who live in Nevada, own a timeshare or vacation property in Vegas, or persons that would otherwise prefer another property with accommodations we are unable to provide. 

If you wish to stay on property, you may do so by purchasing a Bender Jamboree package. 

It is violation of the terms as a Nevada Resident 4-Day music only wristband holder to also have a room at our host property. We provide the hotel a list of wristband holders to check against their system. If you are found in their system, you must either pay the difference between your wristband and an available package plus fees, or cancel your hotel reservation, or forfeit your 4-Day wristband. 

The Bender can only exist because we contract a set number of rooms at a fair price with our host property, and make a commitment to them that they will be filled for our event. 4-Day wristbands are simply meant to be a courtesy for our guests in the circumstances outlined above. Booking direct then purchasing a Nevada Resident 4-Day Music Only Wristband in an attempt to deliberately undermine our pricing structure is a form of fraud, and we treat it as such. Persons who engage in this activity are no friends of the Bender!

2024 Exception : Owners of Westgate Timeshares may use their 4-Day wristband while staying on site, and will not have their timeshare reservations or 4-Day wristbands cancelled for possessing a 4-Day wristband.

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