ADA Seating in Venues?

ADA Seating in Venues?

We want your Bender experience to be safe and comfortable, and to that end we provide a mix of accessible seating options based on the unique layout of each given venue. Some concert events in the US feature an all-inclusive "ADA Seating Area," but given the size and layout of each venue at a given host property this approach is neither practical for us to implement, nor would it provide the optimum relief as prescribed in the ADA regulations. Instead, each of our venues will feature two types of accessible seating: Wheelchair seating spaces and designated aisle seats. (details below)


Of course, it is impossible for us to know how many patrons require use of accessible seating, and the law limits our ability to collect that kind of information¹. Furthermore, the ADA requires us to provide accessible seating based on the capacity of the venue, not based on demand². This means that we can not guarantee that an accessible spot will be available in any given venue at any given time. Like all seating at the Bender Jamboree, accessible seating is first come first served.

We suspect that the majority of our patrons with mobility disabilities do not require the full time use of a wheelchair. As such, the most commonly used type of accessible seating would be "Designated Aisle Seating." Fortunately, most of our venues will feature many seats with the same characteristics of Designated aisle seating, even if they are not explicitly marked that way.

Like all seating at the Bender Jamboree, accessible seating is first come, first served


Our venue staff may approach any person in an accessible seat and politely inform them that they are in a designated accessible seat, reserved for persons suffering from a disability. If you are approached by our staff in this manner, please understand that our staff member is attempting to protect your rights under the ADA. Their intent is not to challenge, doubt, or demand proof from you. We ask that you simply politely acknowledge that you understand this policy, and go about enjoying the show. 

We hope that any able bodied person occupying an accessible seat will be honest and respectful and move to accommodate a person in need. Of course we can not demand proof of disability¹, therefore we must rely on the honesty and good nature of our community.  We endeavor to educate and inform our guests of the necessity of ADA seating for those in need, and foster an environment of awareness and self-policing.
In the same spirit, you may not challenge or verbally abuse a person sitting in accessible seating based on your assumption of their disability or lack there of. If you feel an able-bodied person may have inadvertently sat in an accessible seat, we ask that you either politely inform them that they are in an accessible seat, or ask our venue staff to inform the person on your behalf.

Above all, treat others with the dignity and respect you would wish them to confer unto you.

We will do our best to expel persons who fraudulently use services designated for persons with disabilities, to the the extent of our ability and within the parameters of the law³. 


Each venue will feature a designated section for patrons requiring the use of a wheelchair or similar mobility assistance device, plus one companion⁴.

Each "space" is comprised of an empty parking area and an adjacent companion seat. By definition, the space is an empty area meant to park a mobility device, therefore persons without a mobility device may not stand in or otherwise occupy these spaces.

Only persons who are companions to a person utilizing the wheelchair space may occupy companion seating. A companion may not occupy companion seating if the person they are accompanying has left the venue (with the exception of bathroom visits, concessions, etc). 

Wheelchair seating spaces can not be saved or reserved.

Like all seating at the Bender Jamboree, wheelchair seating spaces are first come, first served.

If you utilize a powered mobility device other than a wheelchair or motorized wheelchair you may use wheelchair seating, however, you must abide by the regulations set forth in the following section: ACCESSIBILITY IN PUBLIC AREAS.

The quantity of wheelchair spaces will vary in each venue, based on capacity⁵. The dimensions of each wheelchair space and its companion seat shall be consistent with ADA guidelines⁶.

Each venue will feature an allotment of seats identified as "ADA Designated Aisle Seat(s)."  These will be aisle seats located closest to accessible routes, and will feature no armrest or a removable or folding armrest⁷.

These seats may be used by persons whose disability requires use of the accessible features provided in accessible seating.

Like all seating at the Bender Jamboree, designated aisle seats are first come, first served.

The quantity of designated aisle seats shall be at minimum 5% of all available aisle seating⁸.



The Bender Jamboree makes no claims, warranties, or representations regarding the general compliance of our host venue in regards to the Americans With Disabilities Act. If you have questions or concerns regarding the ADA compliance of any area within our host property outside those areas designated for use by the Bender Jamboree, please contact the host property directly with your concerns.

Persons utilizing wheelchairs and manually powered mobility aids shall have access to any areas open to pedestrian use¹.


Use of power-driven mobility devices such as (but not limited to) Rascals, Scouts, and other powered scooters are generally permitted in any area open to pedestrian use, however, Bender Jamboree & the host property may restrict use in certain areas wherein their operation presents a safety hazard². 

We may ask persons using a power-driven mobility device to provide credible assurance that the mobility device is required because of the person's disability. We will accept a valid, State-issued disability parking placard or card or State-issued proof of disability issued in your name as a credible assurance that the power-driven mobility device is required for your mobility disability.

In lieu of a valid, State-issued disability parking placard or card, or State-issued proof of disability, we will accept a credible verbal assurance, not contradicted by observable fact³.

Anyone operating a power-driven mobility device while intoxicated, or otherwise impaired will be subject to penalty including but not limited to forfeiture of admission cost and ejection from the event⁴.

Anyone operating a power-driven mobility device in a deliberately aggressive, violent, reckless, or otherwise harmful manner will be subject to penalty including but not limited to forfeiture of admission cost and ejection from the event⁴.



An assessment of our program offerings, the physical dimensions of our performance venues, and the power generated by our PA systems have led us to the determination that assisted listening devices would not significantly improve the auditory experience beyond what can be experienced in the average seat in a given venue. If you have concerns on this topic and would like to inquire regarding implementation of a specific assistive technology, please submit a support ticket and we will gladly assess the viability of your request. 



Service animals are allowed in Bender Jamboree venues and areas. The allowance and parameters regarding your animal's presence in your guest room is entirely dictated by the service animal policy and/or pet policy of the host property. Nothing printed here shall supersede the service animal policy of the host property.

Dogs and miniature horses are the only species of animal defined as service animals¹.

No other species of animal is legally considered a service animal and therefore no other species will be allowed to enter Bender Jamboree areas. Any animal that does not meet the definition of service animal is considered a pet, and is subject to the pet policy of the host property. Pets are NOT ALLOWED in any Bender Jamboree area.

Emotional support animals are NOT service animals as defined by the ADA¹.

Bender Jamboree staff may ask if the animal is required because of a disability and what work or task the animal has been trained to perform².

You and your service animal will be removed from any Bender Jamboree area if your animal is out of control and you do not take effective action to control it, or if the animal is not housebroken³.

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